A 1-minute poster video challenge for participants at the 2019 FEBS Congress! 

This channel will display video introductions to posters from presenters at the 44th FEBS Krakow (6-11 July 2019) from 26 June to 17 July 2019.

Want to upload your poster video? Read the introduction here. Prizes await!

Want to find poster videos in your research area? Search on the poster topic notation used at the Congress e.g. P-01, P-02. The full list of notations and topics is given below. Posters will also be linked from individual poster entries in the Congress app.

P-01 Molecular mechanism of inflammation-related diseases; P-02 DNA variation; P-03 Cardiovascular diseases; P-04 Intracellular ion channels and transporters; P-05 RNA processing; P-06 Signal transduction; P-07 Mitochondria and signaling; P-08 DNA architecture; P-09 RNA transcription; P-10 DNA editing and modification; P-11 RNA transport and translation; P-12 Single cell analysis and imaging; P-13 Calcium and ROS signalling; P-14 Sulfur metabolism and cellular regulation; P-15 Molecular neurobiology; P-16 RNA turnover; P-17 Cytoskeleton and molecular mechanisms of motility; P-18 Rare diseases; P-19 Signaling in brain cancer; P-20 Synthetic biopolymers for biomedicine; P-21 Integrative approaches to structural and synthetic biology; P-22 Induced pluripotent cells; P-23 Long noncoding RNA; P-24 Neurodegeneration; P-25 Cell therapy and regenerative medicine; P-26 Small noncoding RNA; P-27 Proteins: structure, disorder and dynamics; P-28 Plant biotechnology; P-29 Natural networks and systems; P-30 RNA in pathogenesis and therapy; P-31 Molecular biology of aging; P-32 Plant–environment interaction; P-33 Synthetic networks and systems; P-34 Multicomponent complexes; P-35 Cell signaling in tumor biology; P-36 Bionanotechnology; P-37 Epigenetics and protein glycosylation; P-38 Genome editing (CRISPR); P-39 Proteomic technologies; P-40 Education, training, and career planning in molecular life sciences; P-41 General topics – various