FEBS Junior Sections – Florian Rueker: Circumventing immunization webinar

A webinar about circumventing immunization to generate human antibodies, from Florian Rüker, at BOKU, in Vienna. The event was organised by the ÖGMBT-Young Life Scientists Austria as part of the FEBS Junior Sections' 2022 series of online talks on key research and career topics.

On 12 May 2022, the ÖGMBT-Young Life Scientists Austria organised an online talk on behalf of the FEBS Junior Sections initiative. It was the fifth event of the initiative's 2022 series of talks on key research and career topics of interest to students and young researchers in the molecular life sciences across Europe. The talk was given by Prof. Florian Rüker, from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), in Vienna, on the topic of circumventing immunization by in vitro directed evolution and selection of human antibodies from large surface display libraries. We share on this post a recording of the talk, which will be online until September 2022.

The event had over 163 registrations and 71 attendees, and the FEBS Junior Sections are delighted that the initiative continues to grow.

The next talk will be on Thursday, 9 June, organised by the by SIB Sezione Giovani. It will be a career talk on “D-Serine: from unnatural (and negligible) amino acid to (main) neuromodulator involved in relevant human pathologies”, from  Prof. Loredano Pollegioni, at the Università degli Studi dell’Insubria, Italy. He will discuss how steps in his research career led to obtaining a drug in the clinical phase bought by Takeda. Please note that this talk will be at the earlier time of 18:00 (CEST). Registration details will be available soon on the FEBS Network.

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