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C S Raman

Associate Professor, University of Maryland Baltimore
  • University of Maryland Baltimore
  • +1 (410) 706-4635
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  • United States of America

About C S Raman

Our long-term goal is to garner structural, mechanistic, and evolutionary insights into cellular signaling networks vis-a-vis respiration, energy transduction, gaseous messengers, and bioactive lipids. Heme-containing proteins are indispensable for these life processes and, therefore, we are investigating all aspects of heme biology and chemistry, including human disorders such as Porphyrias.

Research Interest

Bioenergetics Biophysics Cell Signalling Chemical Biology Enzymology Evolution Genome Organization and Stability Membranes and Membrane Proteins Microbiology Protein Engineering Protein Expression Signal Transduction Structural Biology

Other Expertise/Interests

Postgraduate training Grant writing Scientific policy Scientific communication