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Galaxy Festival and Training, Freiburg July 1-6

Training at GCC2019 Conference webpage: Training on a wide range of topics will be offered before and during the GCC2019 meeting. Training topics are determined by the community via a nomination and voting process. The voting is now open until February, 4th. You can vote for as many topics as you want, but please note that the more topics you vote for the less your vote for each one counts. What? Here's an example. If Moni votes for 4 topics then each of her votes counts for 1/4 of a point. If Dave votes for 22 topics then each of his votes counts for 1/22 of a point.
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Jan 28, 2019

About this room

Science is about new ideas, testing and sharing new concepts. We aim to build a community that is sharing ideas, tools and knowledge for the advancement of science. We meet every second autumn in Budapest and enjoy the nice weather, the city and the excellent talks. This is a forum to keep each other posted about preprints, new tools and new opportunities between the conferences.

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