Welcome from the HDBMB Young Scientists' Forum

On this post the students and young researchers that form the Croatian Society junior section (the HDBMB Young Scientists' Forum) say hello and give an overview of their plans and activities. The Croatian group are the latest group to join the FEBS Junior Sections!
Welcome from the HDBMB Young Scientists' Forum

The Young Scientists’ Forum of the Croatian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Hrvatsko Društvo za Biokemiju i Molekularnu Biologiju, or HDBMB) is an association created last year and is a part of HDBMB. It is made up of enthusiastic PhD students and postdocs who are interested in science but also love to hang out and network. To combine these two aspects, we are planning to organize a number of fun activities. We have already organized a Costume ball and a Scientific barbecue in collaboration with Young researchers of HPD – the Croatian Society for Natural Sciences, as well as participated in the 2021 FEBS Congress and the Young Scientists' Forum.

For future activities, we are initially planning to organize a Pub quiz where participants can test their knowledge not only in science but also in other fields. With winter just around the corner, we are also planning an event called 'Scientific After Work', where PhD students and postdocs can present their research in a cozy and friendly environment. Next, are again planning to organize Costume ball and a Scientific barbecue so that young researchers can get to know each other better in an informal and relaxed environment.

We look forward to collaborating with the other FEBS Junior Sections.

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