The ATG International Congress in Synthetic Biology and STEAM Entrepreneurship

Barcelona will host the International Congress on Synthetic Biology, STEAM Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation, organized by the ATG Synbio Spain Association. The event supports young scientists interested in synthetic biology, bioentrepreneurship and engaging the public with research.
The ATG International Congress in Synthetic Biology and STEAM Entrepreneurship

The Spanish synthetic biology association, ATG Synbio Spain, is organizing the second edition of the International Congress on Synthetic Biology, STEAM Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation to revolutionize the national bioentrepreneurship scene and lay the foundations to consolidate Spain as a benchmark country in the development of Synthetic Biology.

ATG: Building the Spanish Synbio Ecosystem

The Congress will be held on 1–2 July and will bring together leading speakers in the field of Synthetic Biology and Entrepreneurship, such as Marc Güell, Paul Freemont and Sara Holland, as well as international (Promega, Bayer) and Spanish companies (Futurity Systems, Cancerappy).

The congress’ schedule includes presentations of cutting-edge advances and on how to build a solid synbio ecosystem; panel discussions on topics such as the potential and risks associated with synthetic biology, One Health, and the milestones to promote STEAM entrepreneurship in Spain; a start-up pitch competition; practical workshops; and a speed dating with investors eager to meet companies and transformative projects.

In addition, the congress is committed to young people, with activities to improve their profiles, orient themselves professionally, and give voice to their projects and research. Additionally, and with the aim of bringing science to the public, a science popularization competition will be held, because it is as important to achieve scientific advances as it is to communicate them to the public.

The congress aims to be the seed of Spain's future in synthetic biology, by bringing together researchers, large companies, start-ups, investors, and young people in the same space to create high-impact connections that will revolutionize the bioentrepreneurship and synthetic biology ecosystem in Spain and southern Europe.

Tickets can now be booked on the ATG II International Congress website, which also has information on the venue, speakers, activities, sponsors and collaborators, and competitions. Email  [email protected] or [email protected] for any questions.

All Together Growing (ATG)

ATG Synbio Spain is an association formed by young Spanish and international synbio leaders whose objective is to lead the way towards a sustainable and innovative future through a culture of collaboration, entrepreneurship, and excellence in synthetic biology.

ATG was born not as an association but as a multidisciplinary team of students from the University of Malaga, who participated in the largest synthetic biology competition in the world, iGEM. Born at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the event every year it gathers teams from the best institutions (Harvard, Oxford, Yale...), and the ATG team won a silver medal in its first year. Subsequently, they got funding for the second iGEM team from the University of Malaga, and currently they are the representatives of Spain, and help other teams to get funding, connect with the main national and international synbio agents, and build effective communication campaigns.

ATG Synbio Spain is committed to transversality, curiosity and bioentrepreneurship, as the three crucial pillars to advance towards a more sustainable future, as well as to promote "All Together Growing (ATG)" to actively contribute to improving the world.

Logo of the All Together Grow Association

Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash 

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