Image integrity in biomedical research publication

The 2nd talk of the new series from the FEBS Junior Section, in collaboration with the FEBS Press journals, will be by Jana Christopher, Image Data Integrity Analyst at FEBS Press, on image integrity in biomedical research publication. On 16 November. Please share with your networks!
Image integrity in biomedical research publication

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Update! Watch a recording of this talk.

The students and young scientists of the FEBS Junior Section are launching the "Scientific publishing: expanding boundaries towards excellence" online talks in collaboration with the FEBS Press journals. The talk series is aimed at advancing early-career scientists and students towards excellence in scientific publishing and research integrity. The talks will be given by members of the Editorial offices of the FEBS Press journals. During the talks, participants will have a chance to learn from experts, enhance their knowledge in the field and ask questions.

Speaker: Jana Christopher, Image Data Integrity Analyst, FEBS Press; Heidelberg University Biochemistry Center (BZH); and Founder of Image-Integrity.
Topic: "Image integrity in biomedical research publication"
Time: 16 November 2023, 17:00 (CET)
For more information, see the talk summary below and visit Jana Christopher's LinkedIn, Image-Integrity, and FEBS Press.

Black and white portrait photo of Jana Christopher

Talk summary and speaker biosketch

Publications are the most important medium for introducing research results to the scientific community. Image data must be acquired according to scientific standards, and images must accurately represent what was observed experimentally. This talk highlights some of the pitfalls in image preparation and shows some common image integrity issues found in the biomedical literature. It also introduces the subject of contract cheating and so-called paper mills, which have become a serious hazard over recent years, and proposes some potential measures to improve integrity and promote a more reliable literature.

Jana has worked in Image Integrity since 2011: she was the first Data Integrity Analyst at EMBO Press and joined the Federation of European Biological Societies (FEBS) in 2017 as Image Data Integrity Analyst for the four journals at FEBS Press. Jana founded her own business Image-Integrity in 2015 and works as a regular consultant for The Royal Society. She is a member of the STM Image Alterations & Duplications Working Group, and recently produced a series of video tutorials on image integrity screening for STM. Jana has been a consultant and trainer for various publishers/journals including SpringerNature, eLife, Frontiers and the RSC, and regularly presents to students and early career scientists.


Poster for the event title "Image integrity in biomedical research publication", by Jana Christopher, Image Data Integrity Analyst at FEBS Press, showing the event details and a QR code to register.

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