How To Guide for the Junior Sections Room

Overview of functionality for the Junior Sections of FEBS Societies Room.

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This online space is a private room on the FEBS Network to support the Junior Sections of FEBS Societies.

About the FEBS Network

The FEBS Network is an online international forum for scientists working in the molecular and cellular life sciences, enabling them to connect, collaborate and share advice, news and information. Learn more about the features of the FEBS Network.

About private rooms

Private rooms on the FEBS Network are areas of the site restricted to invited users. In a private room, you can:

  • Access content meant only for room members, via the Activity tab (or filter by Posts, Videos and Documents options under the Content tab) 
  • View a list of people who have access to the room, via the Members and Contributors directories
  • Choose to receive updates on activity in the room by setting up an email digest that covers this room
  • Follow individuals so that you receive a notification when they create content 
  • Add comments to content
  • Have open conversations with others in the room, via the Conversations tab
  • If invited as a Contributor, add posts, videos and PDFs to the room

The room directories

The room directories will show the FEBS Network profiles of participants who have joined the room. Rooms can have Members and Contributors directories. The list of participants displays information such as name, country, institution, position and research interest.

The list can be searched and can also be filtered by fields such as country and research interest. This search and filter functionality is one reason why it is important to add as much information as possible to the account profiles (for example, the Social column of the directory links to the participant social media accounts).

The Junior Sections room only has Contributors (this can be changed). Contributors are invited into the room and are able to post content. Contact the FEBS Network coordinators to invite Contributors or request any changes.

How to add content to the room

Click 'Create a post' from the Create menu (see 'Create' on right of header bar), add a title and body text (and a 'poster image' if you like), then use the Save button followed by 'Preview' to check it. When you are happy, select the ‘Junior Sections of FEBS Societies’ (under 'Room') from the right panel as the destination for the post and click publish now.

Or click 'Create a doc' to upload a pdf; again select the ‘Junior Sections of FEBS Societies’ (under 'Room') for your pdf to appear in the room when you click publish.

Or click the green 'Start a Conversation' button if you prefer to reach out through an open room conversation thread.

Room conversations

Room conversations are accessible only to Members and Contributors in the room (but visible to all in the room). You can start a new conversation or reply within a conversation started by someone else, and you will receive an email notification when someone replies within a conversation you started. To get started, simply visit the Conversations tab in the room and join an existing conversation or start a new one; or you can use the green Start a Conversation button over the room’s image.

Contacting others

Click on someone’s avatar or name to get to their profile page, and then you'll see two or three buttons to the right of their avatar giving different options for communication:

  • 'Contact' (which shows only if an email address has been provided) opens a window to communicate via email
  • 'Start Conversation' is a direct private messaging tool on the platform allowing 1:1 conversations and group conversations of up to five people (if you have an ongoing conversation with someone, the button will say Resume Conversation)
  • ‘Start Panel’ can be used for video call connection between individuals or small groups. You can share a screen during the call, but there is no chat tool currently

Please read and adhere to the FEBS Network community guidelines. If you have any queries or concerns get in touch with the FEBS Network Communications and Digital Platforms Associate.

Top image of post: by Alexandra Koch from Pixabay

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