Green Laboratory Work Conference 2022

Help our planet: become a greener researcher. Join the Virtual Green Laboratory Work Conference on 14–15 May 2022 and experience the world of sustainable science.
Green Laboratory Work Conference 2022

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  • 5.5 billion tonnes of plastic waste are produced in research per year in the US
  • one – 80 °C freezer consumes the energy of a whole family home
  • 97% of waste from COVID tests was not even considered for recycling

Becoming sustainable – more important than ever

Research all around the world is changing for a greener future. Funding and promotion of sustainable approaches have already been established. Even the UN has set climate goals and lots of companies in the life-science field are following. Now it is on us! Most researchers seek a more sustainable laboratory – but they do not know how they can achieve their goal. There is where we help!

Green Laboratory Work  – a Conference – online – for free – full of passionate scientists.

From reducing plastic waste to more green chemistry, we cover all the aspects of a sustainable lab in any research field!

Our story

We experienced ourselves how small one can feel when we realize the limits of what we can change in our everyday research to make it more sustainable. But we can master this challenge together! Thus, we want to connect the world of passionate researchers who wish for a greener future. Therefore, the Green Laboratory Work Conference is the right spot for all green-seekers – whether expert or new-comer.

This is your chance, to:

  • Get an orientation in the vast field of sustainable practice
  • Meet the expert in the field personally
  • Experience the depths of green labs and get to know the less known tips and tricks

If that sounds like something that interests you and which takes your research a bit further, feel free to learn more and register here:

You will experience

Live Presentations

Talks from the experts in the field addressing all the different aspects of your lab.


Consider, together with us, what you can concretely do next time you are in a lab and how to convince others to contribute to a greener research.


Meet us and the presenters in designated socializing rooms and get to know us or extend your network.

Extend your reach

We want to offer a perfect start for you, therefore we set up a people-orientated conference to enable you to venture together with your friends and other passionate researchers all over the world! Do not miss the chance to stay up-to-date in what changes in the world of sustainable practice. Join us and lets advance together! Making our research more sustainable lives on from driven people like you, and all who contribute to our conference. We organized our conference with help from our sponsors to make it completely free for you to join – from wherever you are. And so many great people already commit to more sustainable science, such as the IUBMB, FEBS, SELs, MPSN and many more national societies – thank you all so much and lets move on together.

A first tip

If you want to change something right away, grab for the low hanging fruit first: set your freezer from – 80 °C to –70 °C; that will save about 20% of its energy consumption. Do not be afraid: the fear that your samples will degrade right away is totally exaggerated. A couple years ago – 70 °C was pretty common anyway.

But mainly it is on you, do not be shy! Start by giving it a thought. It is fun. Maybe try pipetting with smaller tips or using the same pipettes/tips for pipetting solutions needed in all samples. Or when pouring your SDS gel, pipette water first and then use the same tip for the Tris, in case you have dedicated SDS-PAGE stocks.

We will see you on the 14 May 2022 when you join us to share more ideas!

Want even more?

Feel free to visit us at

Register now for free:

Interested in joining our network or sharing your contribution? Give us a heads up at [email protected]

Photo by Wengang Zhai on Unsplash 

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