FEBS Network Video Competition

The FEBS Network has launched a video competition for students and young researchers to explain their work. Check out the rules below and submit a video by 15 May to win a prize and for the opportunity to showcase your research and creative skills! Please help us share this post with your networks.
FEBS Network Video Competition

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The FEBS Network invites participation in a video competition to highlight the work of young researchers from the FEBS Constituent Societies. The aim is for you to explain your work to a broad range of molecular life scientists – to encourage clarity of expression to different audiences and stimulate knowledge exchange and understanding across different fields.


- Produce a video in any style (talking to camera, slides, animation, combination of styles, etc.) of a maximum duration of 2 minutes that presents your research work. Longer videos will not be considered. Videos will be assessed for scientific content (5 points), as well as aesthetics and presentation (5 points). Presentations must be in English.

- The video should highlight original work by the presenter, which can include a technological development and/or a comprehensive research paper. The work can be published or unpublished. The video should not be an online résumé.

- Entry is open to any young researcher (Master's student, PhD student, technician, research assistant, postdoc) under 36 years of age from the FEBS Constituent societies.

- The video must be original and must not be a re-use of any video footage or any complete video already submitted on another platform (e.g., YouTube, university platforms). This aspect will be particularly scrutinized. The use of animations or pictures must not infringe copyright.

- The video must initially be uploaded as a video post to the FEBS Network, to the author’s profile page on the site (see instructions below), with a text of up to 200 words summarizing the content of the video, for assessment in the competition. Only one video can be submitted per author.

- Videos can have other contributors along with the main author, but the prize will be awarded to the main author – i.e., the holder of the account where the video is displayed on the FEBS Network.  (However, other contributors must also have a FEBS Network account, so they can be indicated on the Network platform as contributors.)

- Authors may submit their videos until 15 May, 2023. The results are expected to be announced by mid June. Email [email protected] to let us know about your submission.

- The winner will receive a prize of €300 to register to a FEBS event (FEBS Congress, FEBS Advanced Course, FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE conference, or FEBS Education event) of their choice in 2023 or 2024. Additional prizes may be awarded according to the number and quality of entries. All prize recipients must show evidence of a current Constituent Society membership.

- All contributions meeting minimum standards will be promoted on the FEBS Network in a relevant channel. They may also be featured in other FEBS publicity, such as newsletters or at the FEBS Congress. 

How to upload a video:

  • If you do not have one already, create an account on the FEBS Network by clicking Register on the top right corner of the Home page and going through the onboarding steps. Any collaborators in your video must also have an account on the FEBS Network.
  • Ensure your video is in MP4, MOV or WMV format and has a maximum file size of 1GB.
  • In the dropdown menu under your profile photo, click My Videos and the green New Video button.
  • Browse your device to upload your video. Once it has uploaded, save the post.
  • Change the title in the Title field, add your name and affiliation to the Introduction field, and add the 200 word summary to the Supporting text field.
  • On the rightside menu, click on Thumbnail, then on Change, and select an image from your video. This will show when the video is on standby.
  • If you have any collaborators, click on Contributors on the rightside menu and search for their names.
  • Save the post and click the Preview button. Do not worry about the message that might appear on the video ("Please be patient while we process your video") but do check that the text information you added is correct.
  • Click on the Edit blue button to go back into the editing panel. If everything is ready and correct, click on the Publish Now button. This will publish the video post to your profile page. You can see it if you click on the Content menu option and it will also appear under your Popular contributions section. You can also add it to the Intro Content section of your profile (click on Edit Profile in the dropdown menu under your photograph).
  • Once you have added your video, email [email protected] to let us know (you can also contact us if you have a technical problem uploading the video).

Good luck with the competiton!

Banner for the FEBS Network Video Competition 2023

First published on 31 January 2023 and subsequently republished.

Image by Broadmark from Pixabay

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