Biomolecules in/for the 21st Century: the 12th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting, online Sept 2020 – March 2021!

Biomolecules in/for the 21st Century: the 12th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting, online Sept 2020 – March 2021!

We at ÖGMBT see the “Corona-Crisis” as a big chance to rethink our “WHY” and “HOW”. Whilst our “WHY” (our Mission) remains to connect the Life Science Community, foster our up-and-coming juniors, bring science to the public and to prove the importance of science to politics, our “HOW” has changed: we conduct meetings online, which we previously thought could only work in person.

For the 12th Annual Meeting “Biomolecules in/for the 21st Century”, we have decided to keep the WHY but to adapt the HOW to the current challenges and imponderability. We will transfer the conference into the virtual realm using new tools whilst keeping up the spirit of learning from each other, exchanging ideas and collaborating. 


Our Annual Meeting is the melting pot of the Austrian Life Science Community – a place to listen to renowned speakers, for participants to present their latest work and for all of us to network in a family-like atmosphere. This year, we will meet in a virtual room via Zoom and invite also participants from all over Europe to be part of it!

The layout in our virtual meeting room will enable interactivity in order to keep up the cherished spirit of learning from each other, exchanging ideas and giving each participant ample opportunities to discuss her/his research with colleagues, friends and senior scientists. Here is a sneak preview of what we envisage:

From September 21–23 our virtual meeting room will stage the kick-off event (2 sessions/day á 2h). You will hear lectures from renowned Plenary Speakers, our Austrian Life Science Awards Austria 2020 winners and get insights into the latest Corona research conducted in Austria. We will feature the Life Science Career Fair and will hear and discuss about cryo-EM and healthy ageing in the 21st Century, as Graz special contributions. Our much appreciated exhibition will be an interactive VirtualExpo (with live chat and live video calls), which will accompany us starting from the kick-off event on throughout the period of all Life Science Tuesdays.

Following the kick-off event, our virtual meeting room will open its doors for bi-weekly Life Science Tuesdays, where we will spend an afternoon together focussing and interacting on a specific topic – centrepieces will be invited talks, short talks, “Science Flashes” in lieu of posters, workshops/webinars and the VirtualExpo. One batch of Life Science Tuesday will be held from October to December 2020 and a second batch from January to March 2021. For details on Life Science Tuesdays – read further

We as organisers strive to provide you as presenter, participant or exhibitor with the same scientific quality and interactivity as you are used to from previous ÖGMBT Annual Meetings!


Deadlines for Abstract Submissions:


#1/12: Lipids and Metabolism (06 Oct 2020)

06 Aug 2020

#2/12: RNA Biology (20 Oct 2020)

20 Aug 2020

#3/12: Structure to Function (03 Nov 2020)

03 Sep 2020

#4/12: Organelles and Transport (17 Nov 2020)

17 Sep 2020

#5/12: Microbiome Innovations (01 Dec 2020)

01 Oct 2020

#6/12: Chemical Biology (15 Dec 2020)

15 Oct 2020

#7/12: New biologics, novel analytical tools (12 Jan 2021)

12 Nov 2020

#8/12: Infection and Immunity (26 Jan 2021)

26 Nov 2020

#9/12: Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (09 Feb 2021)

09 Dec 2020

#10/12: *Omics Data Analysis and Integration (23 Feb 2021)

23 Dec 2020

#11/12: Translational Oncology (09 Mar 2021)

09 Jan 2021

#12/12: Molecular Biotechnology (23 Mar 2021)

23 Jan 2021

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Your Organizing Committee,
Harald (Chair), Helmut & Alexandra
Austrian Association of Molecular life Sciences and Biotechnology (ÖGMBT)