Research Division Rooms: your input is invited!

Help shape how the FEBS Network may be used to support learning, discussion and collaboration around focused topics and techniques in the molecular life sciences
Research Division Rooms: your input is invited!

An important ambition of the FEBS Network is to provide online forums for researchers focused on particular areas in the molecular life sciences – for staying updated, learning, support, discussion and connecting with others interested in the same research questions. These will be offered as 'Rooms' on the site, which can be set as open or invitation only.

FEBS expects Research Division Rooms to be formed from a call for proposals from ambitious and motivated researchers of FEBS Constituent Societies who are interested in building online communities in their subject area, and/or by invitation to FEBS Advanced Courses organizers wishing to extend activities and the community around their event.

But what do you think? Please contribute to the development of this resource for researchers by answering a few questions in our FEBS Network survey. This includes a section about your research interests, your current needs and challenges, and types of online forums. Click here for the survey.

The FEBS Network Team